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CAESAR II Reinstatement Program

We would like inform you of our newly introduced CAESAR II Reinstatement Program.

The CAESAR II Reinstatement Program offers discounts of up to 80% (+ maintenance) for CAESAR II users, who are not on maintenance, but wish to take advantage of the latest capabilities of CAESAR II.

Below we have listed some of the enhancements that CAESAR II has seen over the past few years:

  • Improved graphics
  • Time saving modeling and analysis wizards
  • Improved analysis model creation and manipulation
  • The ability to view design models in the analysis
  • Improved & more flexible report creation
  • Additional wind and seismic codes
  • Additional international piping codes
  • Enhanced hanger databases and design capabilities
  • Bi-directional links with CADWorx Plant Professional

This program has three phases, each running four months, starting March 1, 2012.

Program phases, timelines & savings:

Phase I: March - June 2012

80% product discount + 1 year maintenance

Phase II: July - October 2012

70% product discount + 1 year maintenance

Phase III: November - February 2012

50% product discount + 1 year maintenance

For details on the CAESAR II Reinstatement Program and how you can benefit from upgrading from your current version of CAESAR II, contact your region’s reseller here: http://www.coade.com/dealer.shtml